Have a better overview on your business


Tools to make your life easier

  • Manage your company more efficiently
  • Track all activities
  • Plan and monitor execution
  • Create customized reports
  • Provide selective access to customers

Work log

Time tracking tool for team leaders/managers

Instead of forcing each employee to track its own time, this manager will do that for him. For sure, an employee can fill timetable by himself, but that will be simplified with an app, for easy entering hours per task, already assigned to him.


Manage your leads, turn them into prospects and clients

Complete communication history in one place so you can manage leads easily.


Get valuable feedback from your employers and customers

Easily perform performance review by a supervisor or external party.


Estimate and plan time and costs

Create task dependencies, tag and prioritize them and prepare execution with kanban board


Handle your customers requests

Track and manage potential issues


Customizable reports to fit all your needs

Use our custom tailored reports or create your own, using any segment of the data